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We can help you establish “HR essentials” that will help a confident relationship with your employees. 


Develop contracts, policies and handbooks that reflect your business and ensure you are legally compliant in todays complex employment world.


Robust HR practices will allow you to focus on your business whilst protecting you from the risks of employing people.



We provide a retained HR service that can provide advice and support as needed, but at a fraction of the cost of having your own HR department. Substantially reducing your costs you still have access to advice and documentation when needed.


This will be an individually tailored service to match your needs. We can discuss your requirements and agree on a monthly retainer budget.



We can provide support and advice you can trust when dealing with complex employee problems:


  • Disciplinaries

  • Appeals

  • Grievances

  • Disputes

  • Absences


Call when you need help - we’ll be with you side by side.



From time to time you may need to undertake wider business changes as your business develops. We can help with restructure projects, redundancy projects, pension arrangements, establishing “employee assistance programmes”, and offer outplacement support for employees made redundant.



We can help you ensure that you secure the right person for your business, with the right technical and interpersonal skills that match your business requirements and values.


Job descriptions, applications support, sifting, interviewing and dealing with unsuccessful applicants and ensuring legal checks are completed.


We can help with this time consuming, yet critical aspect of business.



Line managers are vital to the success of your business. They need training to ensure they get the best from your employees. Many elements of a line manager's role now require a good understanding of basic HR principles and solid people skills. We can help with that development.


We understand the pressures on businesses and that you can’t afford to lose your people for long periods of time, so we conduct 1/2 day or 1 day workshops on a range of subjects that are comprehensive, interactive and challenging. They offer great value for money.

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